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Fri, Jan. 4th, 2008, 01:07 pm
hollypop_04: Lucky Me :(

Hey...im new to this community...lucky me :( i mean clearly i didn't technically wanna be a member for obvious reasons but noe i have people who understand, and i really..and i mean really, need to vent. Don't get me wrong my friends...greatest people in the world they do what they can they make me laugh (which i suggest to all..never lose that sense of humor) but they haven't been through it, they want to understand but they can't possibly.

its only been about two months..if that, you never expect it to happen to you, you read about it, you watch it , but when it happens nothing will prepare you for it. i thought i didn't recognise the guy, turns out he went to my school and is only a few years older than me....here comes the venting THE DETECTIVES! WTF i tell him 3 fucking times what happened, and he tells me unless i remeber everything he cant fully believe me, and the police officer who was with me that night...MY HERO...i call her my Olivia lol she was awesome she stayed with me gave me her number and gave some form of hope then the detective shoot that right down..it had been about a month and id heard nothing and my friends mangaed to get me into town to celbrate my friends bday...having a great night then who do i se..you guessed it, needless to say my friends did what the detectives wouldn't and NOW THEYA RE THREATENED WITH ARREST! that is complete shit!...and the next day im told they dropped the charges coz i WASNT INTERESTED!...what i was hoping from all you guys was maybe some first-hand advice, iknow i should go to court and stop him, but the chances of me winning seem slim i dont wanna go through it again but should i? also did a shrink help? i only talk to the one at the hospital, but my mum wants me to see one at her work...thank you for creating this site for us :D ....also if someone could show me how to do an lj cut that would be great lol

Fri, Jan. 4th, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)

man, i am so sorry about everything. the detective you talked to sounds awful. unfortunately i don't have much advice to share when it comes to taking someone to court. :/ for me i've found that therapy has really helped. you'd be able to talk about your experiences there and explore your feelings about what happened and taking it to court. my therapist has helped me get in contact with further support services (she took me to the sexual assault clinic, actually) and has contacts that could help me should i choose to press charges. so i definitely recommend seeing a shrink.

this isn't the most active community, but i'm certainly glad you found it and you posted here. you might also want to ask in mybodytaken.

here's a link to lj-cut help! i recommend the "HTML editor" method because i've found the 'Rich Text' one to be screwy.